Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 
It's the Premiere of My Favorite Posts Show Off Weekend Blog Party!

This is the newest weekend blog party to hit this side of the blogosphere. Link up your favorite posts and meet bloggers from all walks of life! It's a weekend hop where we can party like it's 1999 (Yes, we're a Prince Fans!)!! This month I am featured as 1 of 3 awesome co-hosts to help spread the party to everyone:

Here are the rules: 

  1. Link up your favorite posts. It doesn't matter which one, just make sure it's family friendly! 
  2. Follow our host (Jessica at The Wondering Brain)
  3. Follow all 3 co-hosts 
  4. Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too
  5. Visit at least 3 other bloggers 
  6. Show them your blogger love too if you'd like them to follow 
  7. Take our beautiful badge and proudly display it on your side bar to encourage others to party with us! 

FavePost PartyBadge photo blogbadge.jpg

Each week my co-hosts and I will feature our post "crushes" at the next blog party! There's a reason why it's called Show Off... We want to help show off your pride and joy to everyone too :). 

Ready to party hardy with us? WE ARE! Enjoy and Grow! Grow! Grow!


  1. Hey there, thanks for co-hosting. new follower here.

  2. Thanks for hosting the hop! (newbie follower)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following!! Looking forward to having great conversation and helping each other out.

  4. Hi! Thanks for hosting the fantastic hop! Can't wait to check out some great posts!


  5. So glad I was able to read and follow your blog! Thank you for hosting this fun event. :)

  6. Gracias for hosting. I'm now GFC and look forward to reading your posts, thought the Spring Break one was nice and yes, our north Florida winter has been kinda' wonkey. I totally agree on no beach yet. BB2U

  7. Welcome ladies! So glad you could stop by and chat a while. Looking forward to building great blogging relationships.

  8. Hi Tiffany! I found this party at the Meet & Greet Blog Hop and just linked up! Following you through Bloglovin'. Would love you to visit my blog at

  9. Hi! Thanks for co-hosting! Now following you via GFC and Bloglovin' :)

    Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

  10. Hi! Thanks for co-hosting!! I'm a little late to the party ~ just finally getting around to my comments and 'likes'. Love the name of your blog. Super cute!
    ~ ~

  11. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! This is so much fun meeting fellow bloggers.