Thursday, April 18, 2013

First off,  we want to thank everyone who participated in last week's SHOW OFF Blog Party!! It was the first one and can I say this? 

Our premiere blog party generated a total of 101 Blog Posts!! I do want to share the kudos with the bestest host and co-hostees ever:

If it weren't for their enthusiasm and positive attitude we wouldn't have accomplished such a number on the very first blog party!! 

Now... this party isn't called a SHOW OFF Party for nothing! We wanted to spread the love and feature our favorite posts so we can show you off some more! Here are our faves from last week:

We all love our husbands, so why not leave them sweet nothings on their voicemails? 

It doesn't matter whether your 1 or 41, when do you ever NOT need mom? 

So, who says 40 is old? Yah right!!! 40 is the NEW 25! That's what I'm saying :)

As moms, we tend to worry more about our family and forget ourselves. Don't forget you're a mom and you're important too! 

Congratulations to all our featured bloggers! Please take our button to "SHOW OFF" that you were featured at the SHOW OFF Blog Party:

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Ready to party? Here are a few simple rules:

  1. Link up your favorite posts. It doesn't matter which one, just make sure it's family friendly! 
  2. Follow your host (that's Jessica! The Wondering Brain)
  3. Follow all 3 co-hosts: Jules, Brittany, and me 
  4. Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too
  5. Visit at least 3 other bloggers 
  6. Show them your blogger love too if you'd like them to follow 
  7. Take our beautiful badge and proudly display it on your side bar to encourage others to party with us! 
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Interested in co-hosting The SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party next month? We would LOVE to have you! $4.00 to reserve your spot for a month and a discounted rate for ad space! We won't disappoint. I promise! Please email for more information: 

Let's party!  


  1. Thanks for the fun link up!
    I'm stopping by and following along via the linkin' with my ladies hop. ;)

  2. I joined the blog party :) I'm looking forward to meeting everyone :) Simply Sarah

  3. Juuuust so you know, I already follow you (on Bloglovin')... in fact, you might already follow me back. But that was one of the requirements for the blog hop tonight :) So I'm letting you know!

    I also agree with your "family rules" that you should wake up, be awesome, and then go back to bed. I love that.

    Here's my main blog page, but I'm also number 38 (Life as Pregnancy) above!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Looking forward to helping each other grow our blogs and develop some blogger friends along the way.

  5. I love the idea of this blog hop. What a great way to showcase your best posts!


  6. SO fun! Thanks so much for hosting!! Throw a PINTEREST party over at my place on Thursdays! Would love for you to come! At the bottom of this post you can sign up for an email reminder so you know the second it goes live! XO, ellie

  7. hi . it's nice party. I'm your new folower by bloglovin

  8. Thanks a lot for hosting. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Thanks for co-hosting, I'm a new follower!

  10. Found you through the blog hop! I'm a new follower!!


  11. I'm a new follower - thanks for hosting :)

  12. Following - would love for you to stop by!

    Michiko @

  13. Welcome, welcome, thanks for checking out our Blog Weekend party with your fav post!! Looking forward to many great conversations.