Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vacay - the Groupon/Living Social way

Swimsuit, check. Flip flops, check. Sunscreen, check. Extra vacation spending money cause we saved on our stay at the resort, check.

Vacations and getaways are more affordable these days than ever before. Sites such as Living Social and Groupon help ease the pain of pulling out that credit card for a family vacation. Come to think of it, every place we've been, we've purchased using a deal from either Living Social or Groupon. You can find great deals with either site.

Groupon and Living Social are deal of the day types of sites, each day they offer a variety of deals. These deals are usually tailored to meet your local needs, however, they offer Groupon Getaways and Living Social Escapes deals to a variety of places. You can log on to their site and join for free. Once you join, you receive daily emails with deal details. If you like what you see, buy it. If nothing tickles your fancy, don't buy it. Pretty simple, right?

Our travels have included spring break, summer vacations and weekend getaways to Florida, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Savannah and Hilton Head to name a few. Most of these places carried hefty price tags without a deal. One of my favorites was a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast, The Foley House Inn,  in Savannah. Beautiful place, but if you know the history of Savannah, many people think it's haunted. I'll have to cover that in a different post.

Research is the key thing to consider when booking a deal. I have been burned a couple of times. One spring break, I neglected to contact the hotel directly before buying a deal. The pics on the site were great, never imagined that they had little efficiencies across the street. Guess what? That's  where we were staying, not in the main hotel. Who was pissed? This girl was pissed. You live and you learn. So again, research these things before you lay down your money.

Some are skeptical when it comes to using sites like Groupon or Living Social. My experience has shown that with a bit of research, you can find some pretty spectacular deals. For all my skeptics out there, let me help you out.

Here's a typical summer type deal, found it today. It's Orlando, Florida in a snapshot format with things I would consider before buying.

This deal doesn't work for me for several reasons, one reason is because we already booked our summer trip to the beach. MonkeyMan found a great deal a few months ago for a week's stay at an awesome resort. We leave in a week! But just because I'm not buying this deal, doesn't mean that you can't. 

Ever bought any Groupon or Living Social vacation deals? Tell me about your greatest steal deals.