Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The best ways to use this blog...in case you were wondering

****WARNING: the following video clip is a graphic one, if you faint at the sight of blood, walk away from the keyboard now, don't click the PLAY button. You've been warned.

Ok, so replace the folks in the stand with those family members that get on your nerves, co-workers, the car that swerves into your lane without a signal. Many a day I feel like Russell Crowe in this scene of the movie Gladiator. Seriously, pulled in so many directions every single day. But wait, did you see those folks in that cage-like thing, when he first walked out? They looked like they had his back, right? Notice how, as he walked to the arena floor, they stamped their swords on the ground, saying his nickname. Sounds like he had some support. Replace those folks in the cage-like thing with the family members you like and those folks on your support team. 

It's Day 2 of the mini blog challenge with Rx Fitness Lady. Today's challenge is to craft a letter to you guys on how to use this blog. So, if you watched the clip above, I've set the stage. You gotta have people in your corner, your support group that chants your name, encouraging you to keep going. Just like Russell had his peeps, I want this blog community to be your peeps. Your supporters when you are exhausted from being a kid taxi, from staying up late to help stuff Valentine's Day goody bags, running out at night to get printer ink for a kid who has an assignment due the next morning...ok, having flashbacks.

The focus of my blog is to create a community of working moms, SAHM, WOHM, whatever. The old saying goes "talk about what you know", so the main focus is on work outside the home moms. If you're not a work outside the home mom, don't let that stop you from commenting and offering your input. We appreciate input regardless of where you work. 

How to use this blog? Hmmmm...having a constant connection is always good, so there are a few options on staying connected and opportunities to share what we're talking about here:

Sharing the link to my blog is a great way for others to join us and make a connection:

I am still a newbie blogger, so soon, I will have grab buttons for you to share with others. 

Use this to get caught up on previous blog posts:

We all need encouragement, so also on the right hand side, I have a list of blogs/sites I get energized from: 
I am always trying to better myself, learn more. I don't like getting bogged down from work or the kids, so I might need tips on ways to enhance my dates with my husband from The Dating Divas. Or I enjoy being referenced as Hummingbird's hot mom (yes, that was actually said, out loud from one of her classmates!) so I get outfit ideas from Outfit Posts. Or The Generous Wife keeps me on my toes, sometimes causing me to look at myself before pointing the finger at MonkeyMan. And of course, Pick the Brain allows me to look at myself, acknowledge that I am a constant work in progress. 

From time to time, I would like to feature different vendors that I have worked with. My first feature, which I call a Blogview (a spin on the words blog and interview, get it?), was April Harris from Colorphire. I would love to do more of these, so if you've got a favorite vendor, pass that information along. 

One of my goals is to reach 100 followers before I do my first giveaway. How am I gonna reach that number? With your help of course! That's right, get to clicking and sharing. 

As a newbie, I am exploring several different ideas on making this blog it's best. Thanks for coming along for the journey!


  1. Ha, talk about motivation. After I wrote this, checked google + and found that one of my connections posted a Grab Button generator http://www.mycoolrealm.com/sandbox/gbgen/index.php
    Making a grab button was on my to do list, can you say "check, done?"


    1. This is too funny! Well just tolet you know, I'm encouraging you the blogger to keep it up. It's so exciting joining the blog community and meeting cool peeps. Great letter to your audience and growing community! #MBC. You will get to 100 in no time my friend!

  2. I like your variety of blogs that you follow. Indeed, I will have to come visit your page when I have to get away from the stresses of the world.

    1. Thanks, Veronica! Feel free to stop by any time.

  3. Hi Tiffany! I totally agree that it's all about community and supporting each other, especially mothers (I'm a full-time working mom myself). Us newbie bloggers need support, too :) Therefore, I nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://bit.ly/mommya-zLiebster

    1. That is awesome Gracielle, thanks for the honor. Hope you can join in helping build this community.