Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Space (not the defunct social site) - Part 1

What do you get when you combine the words "closet" and "office"? A perfect space that you can call yours! **giggling like a lil girl**!

A few months ago, I was thumbing (clicking I should say) through Pinterest and saw how many women were turning empty or messy closets into mini offices. I've always wanted a space I could call my own. Yogli and Hummingbird have pretty much taken over every other room in the house. The dog has her own space. MonkeyMan has his, the unfinished Man Cave. Technically, he has 2 spaces, his spot in our bedroom with a desk and massage chair. But me, lil 'ole me, I've never had a space I could call my own.

All it took was for me to see that first pic on Pinterest. From there, I went a-googling. I am a google fanatic. Soon, I was flipping through pic after pic after pic of these closets being turned into mini offices. At first I thought "that's kinda silly, surely that's not enough space, people will think I am silly". Some of the spaces were so tiny. The more and more I read, I was starting to love the idea. It's actually just the right amount of space. The particular space I had in mind is larger than the closets I was viewing online. It's a walk-in closetl, so a good amount of space to work with. I could make it as cutesy, girly, awesome as I wanted. It would be my space, whatever I wanted to stick in it, I could! Yes, who's getting a "cloffice"? This girl, this girl's getting a cloffice to call her own!

Hmmmmm, since, technically, MonkeyMan has 2 spaces, I could infringe on part of his downstairs Man Cave. After talking and bargaining, he agreed. Ok, that was the first hurdle. Next, I pondered if I should put a desk or what in there. Ok, wait. I am getting ahead of myself.

So, I have the space. I started to think about how I wanted to decorate. Yes, even before I determined what kind of desk, I was way ahead on planning out the decor. I found this on one of my Pinterest tirades,  DIY mini corkboards. Aren't they adorable? They fit so perfectly with my decor and were so easy to make.

First, I took a trip to one of my most favorite spots, Ikea. Here's my trick with Ikea: you MUST make a list of what you need before entering through those doors. If not, you will leave with things you know you don't need but couldn't let them sit there at that price. So again, a list is necessary. And it helps if you go alone, meaning, don't bring the kiddos. This could also mean don't bring the kiddos and the husband. Anyway, I had my list. The round corkboards are actually heat trivets. For this mini corkboard project, I purchased 2 3 pack sets for $2.99 each. One of my other most favorite spots is Hobby Lobby. This place, you can walk in without a list. You can always count on them having items marked down tremendously. I found some fantastic decor pieces here as well, I will talk about those in a later post.

But on this particular day, I got some cutesy fabric swatches to cover my mini corkboards. The lil bundles were packaged so that I could cover 2 mini corkboards with one piece of fabric.

If you're a wannabe crafter like me, then you probably own a glue gun. You'll need one for this project.

Since the cloffice wasn't ready at the time of this decor project, I improvised by using the kitchen table.  I laid all of my materials out, plugged in my glue gun and got this project going.

Lay a piece of fabric over the trivet/corkboard. It may be necessary to trim some of the fabric off, you don't want all that excess fabric on the back. The excess fabric will make it uneven, bulky and ugly when hanging on your wall.

Next, go get your gun, your glue gun, that is. You want to place few drops around the perimeter of the trivet/corkboard, as demonstrated by my helper, Hummingbird.

This was an easy project for us. We actually did this right before dinner one evening. She really enjoyed it, she couldn't keep a straight face for the camera.

Through all the laughter, here's the end result:

Hummingbird could not resist demonstrating one of the uses for our project:

Now, if you want to hang these, I used a long nail and hammered it right in the center of the corkboard.

After all of that, here's the end result:

So, this is one wall of my new cloffice. This picture was taken with a new app, Hypstamatic. Not sure how I feel about it...anyway, yep, think these turned out pretty good.

There's part 1, the start of me telling you the story of a girl who creates her very own space, her cloffice. Wow, there's so much more to tell...the countdown to Part 2 begins.

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  1. What a spectacular idea!! Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us over at Showin' Some Love Hump Day Blog Hop! Already following you. :)

    <3 Amanda*

  2. Thanks so much for linking this up with the DIY Sunday Showcase! ~Jen

  3. So... I think we're related somehow before this life ;). Girl... we really do have a lot in common! I am like the Google Queen at home AND at work. If you cant' find something, ask Jessica, she'll find it! Also... I am on the verge of wanting to transform the closet into an office too. LOL!! I just need to tell hubby to get hsi butt off the couch and help me get rid of some stuff! LOL!! Thanks for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain