Monday, May 20, 2013

ReShape Mondays

Remember when it used to be this simple:

For me, there are plenty of things in between getting up, eating breakfast and getting dressed. As a mom, I orchestrate the rhythm of our home. Right now, that rhythm is heading to summer break. Usually, this throws me off of my usual routines. I become a lil more lax in bedtime schedules, in clothing choices and snacking. I am so determined to do better this summer, especially with this being Yogli's last year of high school. I am a lover of routines but I admit, I do need to lighten up. Here's some of my summer bucket list:

Summer learning:
  1. Keep Hummingbird reading for 20 minutes each day. This can work because she loves books and journaling, right now she loves making her own journals. Adding a different twist to books and reading should be the right move, here's where Pinterest will come in handy. 
  2. Yogli wants to do some volunteering this summer, which is absolutely awesome. He will be 17 in July so he no longer requires having a parent join him in most volunteer projects, which I am bummed about about because I love me some volunteering. 
  3. I will be learning how to build this blog. 
Summer fun:
  1. Yogli has been after us to go fishing, none of us know how of course. So, why not this summer?
  2. Last summer, I taught Hummingbird how to ride her bike without her training wheels. This summer, I want her to keep burning that rubber. I want to build time into our schedule for her to go riding. BONUS: I hop on my bike and join her!
  3. Revamp at home date nights with MonkeyMan. Figured since everybody will be more relaxed, what a great time to get this started again. Working different shifts requires us to be crafty when wooing each other, GAME ON!
  4. Take the day trips to a few of our favorite spots in Georgia: Savannah and Callaway Gardens. MonkeyMan and I love have been to Savannah twice, it's the spot where he proposed! 
    Savannah, Georgia

The kids have never been, think they'll enjoy it. Our spring break this year was spent at Callaway Gardens, everyone loved it, so a return trip is a must. We can hang out at the beach area there and simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 

I enjoy the fact that my kids still enjoy hanging out with MonkeyMan and I. They grow up so fast! I have learned that kids love quality time, making memories. I enjoy hearing Yogli or Hummingbird say "Remember that time when we...". 

Needless to say, we will still have our routines. They won't be as strict as during the school year but we will continue to have structure. Kids thrive from having structure, makes them feel more secure. Summer gives us the opportunity blend in fun while keeping that structure. 

I have been inspired by Rx Fitness Lady to solve some type of problem as part of her 7 day mini blog challenge. This seemed fitting to talk about here on ReShape Mondays, since the focus is rebranding blue Monday. We can add a bit more to our summers...

Alright, wrapping this post up. Yogli is in a talkative mood tonight, I need to add learning to multitask to my list of summer learnings!


  1. I love your summer bucket list. I agree that kids love quality time. That's what I'm focusing on this summer.Simply Sarah

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Sounds like you have a plan, summer's right around the corner. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a great list and idea. I am going to have to sit down the fam and come up with a summer bucket list for us. My son already knows that camping and going to the beach are first on his list! He's been asking about those two since Christmas... even with the snow on the ground! =)

    thanks for stopping by earlier, and I am now happily following back!
    Holly at Not Done Growing

    1. Camping sounds great, we might have to work our way up to actually doing it. I am getting excited for the summer!

  3. Hey Tiffany!

    I love your summer ideas! I need a summer. Actually... I need a vacation! I love how you get your kids to do all the fun summery stuff too :). Cool ideas and yes memories!!! Thanks for sharing this with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain

  4. oh how cool, my husband and I were almost engaged when we went through Savannah without realizing it was 4th of July and a day trip ended up being a three day trip. we love that place because of the memories and we plan to go back eventually- only this time with our kids- twins!