Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birds, bees and all things in between

I knew that one day my A type personality would back fire. There are times when I am out and about, I see a great deal on something, I get it. I may not use it right then but somewhere in the near future, I'll find a use for it. Whenever I use it, it has good results. Until now...

Well, maybe my good results from this will come in the future.

I've read several articles about how kids are growing up at a totally faster rate than when I was a kid. Kids today are exposed to so many things at a younger age. Look at the different distractions they face each day: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the internet period, social media.

With all of that social media comes the possibility of them being exposed to things they don't need to see until later.

To get a jumpstart on Hummingbird's journey, I purchased this book:

 photo justforgirls_zps0557cd11.jpg

While in the store, I flipped through the pages, wondering if the content was too much for her 7 year old mind. I know that at this age, kids are silly and laugh at words like: booger, do-do, booty, and whatever else. At the same time though, I thought back to when I was a kid. No one ever took the time to talk to me about my body, what was about to happen to it, how it was changing, nothing. I remember picking up bits and pieces, here and there, piecing it all together. Uuugggh!

Part of my duty as Hummingbird's mom is to tell her these things before some other kid tells her. And you know their version will be WRONG!

So, I bought the book, along with a cutesy journal (she loves journaling). She has carried both books around, with a pen, making notes in her journal.

Here's the dilemma, well, maybe not dilemma, more like a concern, I guess.

She's focusing on certain parts of the book: developing breasts and the section on boys! Oh lord, what have I done!

She will ask questions but then do that little kid thing where they laugh so much, and then they change the subject. I am trying to be open and discuss anything that she has questions about. MonkeyMan has been talking to her as well because he noticed about 3 journal pages from the boy section. She's copying sentences from the book into her journal. Now, a part of me is like, sweet, at least she's practicing her penmanship. But the other part is like "I should have left that book where it was, she's only 7".

Of course, I've heard the stories of kids her age talking about all sorts of sexual acts. Obviously, they've been exposed to stuff their young eyes should never see, not until they are older or maybe even never. I am not concerned that she will process this information incorrectly, she may be the kid that spreads the truth about the birds and the bees. I think that her reaction, so far, is normal. Which, in the long run, is what I wanted. To just lay a foundation. One that we can continue to build on as she grows older.

Let me mention, that foundation is sitting on my nightstand for right now. Yeah, I took that book...for now. My mom mind needs time to process my next move. Make the growing up STOP!

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  1. Very interesting post Tiffany! I think you are right to share info early on. My God Daughter got her period earlier this year and she is 9 y/o. I was so floored!!! Anywho, all this stuff is such a sticky area. I don't know what I'm going to do when the time comes but I'm glad to know there are books dedicated to all of this hormonal stuff that the kids can relate to.

    1. Joi,
      it seems like puberty is hitting a whole lot earlier than I remember! There are a ton of books out there that will help spread the right message to girls and boys. Hopefully, the cycle can stop with wrong info on the birds and bees.

  2. I agree it's better to make good info available and answer questions to match the level of your child's ability to process what you say. My daughter is eleven and she continues to vacillate between intense interest in all things birds and bees, and just being a kid. Good luck, keep us posted! P.S. I would give your daughter the book back. Let her journal be a place where she can explore her curiosity. She WILL move on. :)

    1. EncinoMom,

      thanks for your words. I did give her the book back. I got a bit nervous and anxious, but I do feel like I am doing the right thing by giving her materials and being there to answer her questions.

  3. Tiffany, I have an 11 year old and when she was in fourth grade (two years ago) she came home and told me a boy "asked her out" - she was 9! She told him she would have to ask her mom and dad first. : ) We (of course said it's too early to be "going out"), but this was a push for my hubby and I to seriously sit down with her and share our hearts desire with her and what we expected. She was flattered by the fact this little boy asked, but really didn't understand what "going out" meant.

    Unfortunately, we as parents are having to deal with these issues a little earlier than we experienced, also as Christian parents we have a duty to instill in our children our Christian values, which look different than what society looks like. This is where it gets even tougher - because we are definitely not the majority now.

    Hang in there Tiffany, it will get easier.

    1. Hi, Lisa!
      I love that your daughter had to ask you guys first! I agree, we work hard to teach our kids right and then some lil Susie/Johnny comes along with wrong information. It definitely makes our kids stand out more, hopefully helping to put out correct information. I am hanging in there, hard sometimes but I can see the reward.