Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6 app-tastic apps

Like my play on words in the title? Appsolutely, appmazing, apptastic, app...ok, I'll stop. Hard to think that just a few years ago, apps were not a part of our everyday lives. Seriously, there is an app for just about everything: from an app that allows you track your fitness regimen, you mess up and skip the gym, this app will send you a shameful message and blast it on social media


Ever thought about becoming a priest, get the app that gives you the "feel" of  being a man/woman of the clothe. I could go on and on and on but I won't, I'll let you do it via Huffington Post's list of weird apps.

For every weird app that's out there, there are very useful ones that come in handy for us busy bloggers. Here's my sampling of what I'm currently using to keep me on the up and up:

 photo appcollage_zps87ebd240.png

Here's the rundown:

Cozi is more than just a calendar, you can:
  • create shopping lists
  • create to do lists, all family members can access this list if you want. Everything is color coded in Cozi, when you create a list, you select who gets to see what
  • have a spot for your weekly dinner plans, where you can store your recipes as well. I've used this feature in the past, really need to use it more because it truly is helpful. I've been using the shopping list to keep up with our weekly meals, need to stop doing that.
  • send messages to your fam. Again, since everyone has their own special color, you can designate who sees what. 
Not sure what your beliefs are but, YouVersion is an awesome app for the Bible on the go. Long gone are the days of carrying thick bibles (unless, of course, you prefer that) now you can access the Bible on your phone or tablet. Open YouVersion and you are greeted with a scripture for the day, access to various translations of the Bible, Bible reading plans and a notes section. This app allows you to bookmark, highlight and make notes to scripture so that you can reference at a later date.

This has been one rainy summer here in Georgia, so I haven't really used Weatherbug that much. I pretty much know what the day is bringing, rain and more rain. I love the recent update for tablets, it's very interactive. With more dangerous weather, Weatherbug sends warning alerts. Again, the rainy Georgia weather has produced some crazy storms, which prompts those "why" questions from Hummingbird!

Ok, this next app occupies those moments when I need to zen out. This is my go-to app when I am waiting in the doctor's office, or when I need to step away from my desk at work. It's Pinterest. MonkeyMan says I am addicted. Ok. I get lost when I use this app by web, phone or tablet. Not gonna say much more about it here, except that you can get your great ideas here or just admire the great ideas from others. Don't feel like you have to complete each and every pin on Pinterest, it's ok just to admire somebody else's work.

Redbox dominates video rentals. I cannot pass up a dollar and some change daily rentals. From my phone, I can send reminders of new releases, then I can reserve them for pick up later. This is cool when I am having a kid free weekend and MonkeyMan is working or when I want to reward Hummingbird.

Alright, this next one has become my bedtime go-to app. I wasn't aware of Flipboard prior to getting my Google Nexus last year, but it is awesome. I can search for any topics that interest me and Flipboard will search the webverse and compile them into "magazines" for my viewing pleasure. That could be content from Twitter, NPR, anything, if it's been broadcasted over the web, you can get it in a magazine. Recent updates allow you to create your own magazines of your favorite articles. I have found some pretty cool blogs through Flipboard, which has added to my views and subscribers.

Whew, there you have it! Got any apps that you use to keep you productive, entertained or just plain sane?

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  1. I have clipboard on my iPad but I don't play with apps much...not even Pinterest. I pin stuff but I don't search through it. I just haven't gotten the app fever.

    1. Hi, Joi!
      I mostly use apps to keep myself entertained while waiting in line somewhere or to keep me occupied elsewhere. I don't really use any to keep me organized. I will say that Keeper is excellent for the many passwords I have to remember.

  2. Those apps sound great! I tried using Cozy years ago and it didn't work for me (Id rather write it all down) but it's awesome that it works well for you! Its a great app. I wonder if they have that weather app for iPhone...I need to look into that. Visiting from MBC!!!

    1. Hi Kendra,
      I could never find a really good organizer (physical) because I like writing things down as well. Thanks for stopping by!