Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Monster Saturday

From time to time I get brave and embark on adventures with Hummingbird and her eight year old cousin J-Creek. Most of those times, Yogli and MonkeyMan find other things to do. When I was growing up, I had cousins to wreak havoc with, so I figured these two should have the same fun.

Case in point, Saturday was a trip to the movies to see Monsters University. As an added bonus, I got these two to do a blog review, Movie Ticket. It's best to get the feel of a kids movie from kids. So, here we go...

 photo movietix1_zps928c65da.png

This movie was awesome because it was good! (JC)

Mike and Sully were the main characters. Mike wanted to be a Scarer. They had to practice being Scarers. (H) Mike and Sully were not friends in the beginning but ended up becoming friends in the end. (JC)

The character Art did a good job because he was funny. (H) Sully did a good job cause he was a great Scarer. (JC)

My favorite part was when Mike and Sully met. (H) My favorite part was the fear games. (JC)

The movie taught us how to be good friends. (JC) You can be nice to people and smart when trying to be a monster. (H)

Yes, other kids should see this movie. (H & JC)

Ok, back to reality. From the roaring laughter down front, I'll say that parents enjoyed this movie as well. MonkeyMan enjoyed it, Yogli is still laughing from movie scenes. If you recall details from the first movie, this one ties things together nicely. Billy Crystal and John Goodman are excellent at their craft. The movie does a great job showing kids how to persevere even when obstacles are continuously hurled at them. We saw how to try a variety of things in order to reach our dreams. Mike and Sully worked hard to become Scarers and it took time. What a nice twist to the images t.v. and music videos where they make it seem as if riches happen overnight. 

Now, let's hope that neither Hummingbird or J-Creek don't want to grow up to be Scarers!

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  1. I love that you let them help with the review. I want to see this. I really enjoyed the first one, when my first daughter was small. I'll probably wait til it comes out in dvd, though. Taking my 4 kids to the movies is not my idea of fun, lol.

    1. Hi Misha,

      I try to sneak a lil learning in when I can. Taking 2 to the movies wasn't fun either. I think you and the kids will enjoy it though.

  2. What a fun treat and an awesome post! Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

    1. Thanks, Holly, enjoying partying with you guys on the Happy Day party.

  3. totally want to see this movie… and I'm like 26.

    Thanks for linking up the to Friend Connect Blog Hop today!

    Co-Host // Justynn
    Creative Life Antics

    1. Justynn,
      thanks for co-hosting a great hop! Some movies labeled as "kids movies" don't have a age limit! I think you would enjoy it.