Saturday, March 9, 2013

The case of the missing RSVPs

Anyone know the definition of RSVP? Anyone? Maybe it's changed over the years. Case in point, Hummingbird's birthday is next week. We decided to celebrate on the Saturday before the actual birthday. She's really into arts and crafts, so we booked the Remember This paint studio. Cool concept, bring the kids in to paint pottery, you get the party room and an attendant for 2 hours. The price was simply irresistible. I really got into this, everything associated with this party is paint themed. Party favors are in mini paint cans, cupcakes are in primary colors and arranged on a paint palette. I am excited, Hummingbird is beside herself with excitement. 

TODAY is that day and no RSVPs! As far as I know, the only attendants are her 4 male cousins. No girls. Invited 4 of her girl friends from school, nothing. No response from the parents. 

Let me define RSVP for you: according to Webster (you know, the dictionary people), "to respond to an invitation", French origin "répondez s'il vous plaît", first used in 1953. Ok, so you know that last part got me, 1953! What year are we in? 

I am starting to try and find meaning in things, lessons that I can learn from in certain situations. I have learned that whenever my kids are invited to parties, I will RSVP. 

Fast forward a few hours after I started writing this post. Approximately, 4 hours before the start of the party, we got an RSVP! Somehow everything was right in the world again. Party got underway, kids had an awesome time. They painted, they ate food, tossed balloons, sang Happy Birthday, and laughed. At the end of the day, I think that is what mattered most. Hummingbird was happy, serving her guests and sneakingly (not sure if that's a word) eating potato chips in between. 

Just call me Picasso, gotta enhance my cutting skills!
Your turn: When you or your kids are invited to a party, do you make it a point to RSVP? Is it still relevant to RSVP in today's world?