Thursday, March 28, 2013

No wonder Monday was so good

**Disclaimer: this post consists of lots of venting (could come across as whiny). Nevertheless proceed with

Not sure where to begin! I already knew Thursday would be very "involved". So, I had already braced myself for it. Spring break for the kids is next week, so MonkeyMan and I have booked a cottage at Callaway Gardens for 3 nights. From there, we will spending the rest of the week with MonkeyMan's parents in Pensacola, Florida. It's only natural that things would fall off the tracks before vacay. My work day consisted of 2 meetings. I had already prepped for those on yesterday. I made sure my outfit was right, hair was right. I was ready to take down this workday Thursday. Dropped Hummingbird off at school, did my morning confessions, jumped on the downtown connector. Ok, looking good so far.

And then...

...a text message from Yogli...did I read that correctly? He's not feeling good. Sore throat, coughing. Says he should go home. I immediately send a text back saying go see the school nurse. I don't like it when my kids miss school. Especially with Yogli being a Junior this year.

Alright, so I get out of the car, walk to my desk. **ding, ding (the sound my phone makes when a text message comes through). It's him again. "Nurse says I shouldn't be here if I am sick". Sure she said that. You know why? Ummm...cause it's spring break next week and she does not want to get sick.   Ok, so I can still salvage my morning before my first meeting at 9 am. Now, I have to call MonkeyMan to go pick Yogli up. The same MonkeyMan that's been sick all week. The same MonkeyMan who's shift starts at 2 pm and ends at 1 am. I call, he goes, Yogli is at home propped up. I will add that having a stuffy nose and cough has not suppressed his 16 year old appetite.

Fast forward to about 3 pm. This is when everybody starts to have problems that need my intervention. Add in the fact that my boss hands me the departmental goals for the year and says mine must be entered into the system TODAY.

Fast forward to 5:30 pm. This was the time I left the office. Leaving the office at 5:30 pm means this:

And that means there would be no way for me to pickup Hummingbird from karate. Again, MonkeyMan to the rescue! I got home at 7:15 pm. No need to elaborate on that.

Fast forward to 8 pm (I care not to document what I ate for dinner while sitting in that stuff in the pic above, kids had leftovers once I got home). There I am, signing off on Hummingbird's homework packet. Wait a second, no freakin' way! Thank goodness it was on bright yellow paper. A project. due. on. tomorrow. A measurement project that got buried in a stack of papers. At this point, I was ready for anything. I sprung into action! "We need scissors, glue, poster board". Hummingbird is dragging at this point. Thursdays are busy for her because she spars in karate every Thursday. At this point, she ain't hearing it! Well, she didn't have a choice, that thing is due tomorrow. She cuts, she glues, she whines, she types, she gets it done.

Fast forward to 9:45 pm. I am sitting here, typing, laughing, drinking CranApple, only 15 minutes til Scandal. On days like today, gladiator mode is necessary. On days like today (or any other day for that matter), you truly have to put on the full armor of God. On days where everything goes perfectly (not sure if that happens and if so, to who), putting on that armor (belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, sandals of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit) prepares you for when things fly completely off the tracks!