Monday, March 25, 2013

ReShape Mondays

Whew, I did that! And it felt good! Yep,

The key for me having a great Monday was due to my pre-planning. See, I iron all of Hummingbird's clothes for the week on Sunday evenings. Yesterday, I found myself with a few free extra moments. I took that time to go ahead and get the ironing out of the way. Dinner was an easy fix. I even had time to do some of my cleaning designated for Monday. 

Work related, I had already written my to do list for when I arrived at my desk Monday morning. I work for a great healthcare organization and they invest many resources in helping us to be greater. One such resource was a class called "The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity", 5 Choices
The meat of this class says that we find time for what we want to find time for. It's true. I can easily lose myself surfing on the internet. Before I realize it, hours have passed by and I am struggling to make up for lost time. Lost time that affects MonkeyMan, Yogli and Hummingbird. One key piece from that class that I have incorporated into my day is the daily planning time. Sounds involved but it's not. It's only 10 minutes per day to jot down things you need to do. 10 minutes fit me better. So my Monday morning list was done on Friday before my weekend. 

Another thing that helped make Monday great for me was jumping every hurdle to get to the gym. So, for many years, I tried to make myself a morning workout person. Only to start and then stop. About 2 years ago, I started feeling lethargic and had a visit to my doctor. I was advised to work out regularly and get my eating under control. I started working out at home, at night. I had no choice. At that time, I was getting used to being a single mom and knew that I needed to get in control of my health. I also found that working out at night enhanced my sleep. Eventually, I made my way into gym. At my current gym, I enjoy group work outs because we can encourage each other. Don't let people make you believe you should only work out during the day. Work out when it works for you. Doing something is better than doing nothing. 

So, yeah, Monday is going great for me. Only because I did the pre-work. Now, let's hope I can keep this going. Even Gladiators have their moments, just gotta raise that shield a bit higher and stand firm. Hope your Monday was a good one. If not, let it go in the comments section below. Think I'll jot down the hurdle I mentioned above...

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  1. Due to my somewhat long commute, it is highly important that I leave the office at a specific time in order to make my 5 pm workout class. OMG, everybody wanted to talk to me at 4 pm, which is the time I needed to leave!!! I somehow inched towards the door, coat on, purse on my arm, closer, closer towards the door. Finally at 4:26 pm, I made it to my car and off I went...only to be met with bumper to bumper ATL traffic. I am a Gladiator, I will not be stopped, well, unless several cars miraculously move out of my way. Ha, I made it, just 10 minutes late. Cool, all I missed was jump roping. Ah, Monday, Monday...