Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Houston, we have a command center

1 Senior Parent meeting

1 PTA meeting

2 Girl Scouts meetings

3 times missing the school bus

1 early dismissal

2 dentists appointments

It's only been 1 month since school started back. I already feel like I've ran a marathon. Have I told you lately how interesting it is to have one in the 2nd grade and the other a high school senior? Oh yeah, throw in the fact that the 2nd grader is a girl, the senior a boy. That's a different post for a different day.

So, remember me posting my grand, spectacular way of staying organized this school year? Here's a visual refresher:

 photo commandcenter_zps1ad22b19.png

When originally researching the type of command center I wanted, I read several comments from those who went before me on the quest for organization say "I really thought this command center would work for us, but found out we never used it".

I am known for falling for cutesy, gadgety things, only to find that I really didn't need them. I actually believe Hummingbird has inherited this trait.

Ok, so fast forward. 1 month later, look at what we got:

 photo kitchencommandcenter_1month_zps199f8c8d.png

We are working this thing like a mule! Here's how it's working for us:

  1. Calendar - I plot out appointments, meetings, Yogli's work schedule, Hummingbird's PE days, etc. And it's color coded!
  2. This is where I tack on anything I really need to remember and if it's a physical piece of paper. This can get kinda bulky. We've got the school calendar, Disney on Ice coming up in October, Girl Scouts reminder of the candy and magazines sale (you can order the magazines online, let me know if you need the link), Box Tops for education, and other handouts. This section might need a lil extra work. 
  3. I never got around to putting the kid's names on the file folders. The content pretty much gives it away as to which file folder belongs to who. The bottom one is for Hummingbird, you see what's in the front, more Girl Scouts stuff. This year the 2nd grade teachers decided that homework should be online. Yes, online homework for 2nd graders. Already fired off an email about that...ok, focusing back on the command center. 
  4. Yogli's file contains college brochures and all of his senior year stuff. 

Based on the pic above and my description of that pic, you can see that we are definitely getting some good use from our kitchen command center. If you want it to work, you gotta work it. Things won't magically appear on it. The kids know where to look for signed papers or the schedule for the next day. It has helped to foster in more responsibility on their part. And it's given me a few milliseconds of free time!

Now, can someone please create something that will cook up a hot meal and do a few loads of laundry. Let me check Pinterest for some ideas!

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  1. Oh yes. I need one of these in my life. NOW!

    1. Hi Camesha,

      I think all busy moms need one of these! They can be as elaborate or practical as you need it to be. If you get around to making one, I would love to see pics!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Tiffany hello My name is Mari just started following you! Great post I love organization tools!!!
    Hope you can find a moment to come visit me as well

    1. Hi Mari,
      I love your purpose behind your blog. I've only been blogging since March and felt out of place because it seemed like all of the other bloggers blogged about either babies or crafts. Well, I don't have babies anymore and I try crafts, stressing the word "try". It's great when I can find people like you, I can relate to you. Glad we've connected!

  3. Hey there Tiffany! Just wanted to let you know I added this post link to the Ladies Only Blog Share @ A Dish of Daily Life as my plus one this week! I love this command center and I bet others will too!

  4. I wanted to invite you to the Friday Flash Blog Party, the best linky in town! I hope you'll join us and link up. Who knows. You may just get highlighted!

    The party goes on ALL weekend.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Just linked up, thanks for stopping by! If you get a chance, would love for you to drop by our Blog Hop Blitz. Link up recipes, decor, crafts or your best post of the week.

  5. Can't help you with hot meals or laundry Tiffany but I'll share my tip from when my 3 boys were young. I had a different color pen for each boy's event on the calendar to help me keep organized. Thanks for linking up at My Favorite Posts Show Off Weekend Party! Hope to see you again next week.

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

  6. I love the name Command Center. Being an empty nester I envy the organization process you show, I wish I would have thought of this would of cut down on my frustrations. lol. Thank you for sharing it on our Four Season Blog Hop

  7. I remember when you first posted about the command center! I'm glad it worked out and I pinned it, thanks for linking up to the Friday Pin Fest! Hope to see you there on Friday, have a great week!