Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Smile! - 3 tips for fantastic fall family photos

 photo fallfamilyphotos_zps64771ecf.png
photo to the right, our 2012 fall photo
The leaves have changed colors. Daylight savings time has ended. The air is a bit more crisp. Time for fall family photos.

My family and I just wrapped up our session. I let out a sigh of relief because I usually get worked up about this. If you can relate, here our 3 big tips that can ease your fall family photo anxiety:


Fall family photos aren't just about appearance. Price is important. But you don't have to spend big bucks to get a quality photographer.

Check out Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist. There are many freelance photographers looking for jobs. Type your photography wants/needs and post. You are sure to be flooded with photographers vying for you to say yes to them. Be sure to carefully screen your top picks, google them, ask them for references or view their portfolio.

Last year, we went with a photography student. She was experienced and her asking price was reasonable. Our price included all pictures on a CD. This way, we were not limited in the way we wanted to use our pictures.

This year, I found a great package deal on Groupon, for under $30. It's a professional photography company that contracts with photographers across the United States. The photographers meet the clients in outdoor locations with beautiful backdrops. I'm excited to see the finished product!


Pick a color scheme already! Gone are the days when each person's shirt had to be the same color. Or everyone wore the same pattern.

Instead don't be afraid to have colors that pop. Fuchsia, mustard, royal blue colors give that extra pop to pictures.

Now, don't go having everybody dress in those colors! Have at least one person's outfit stand out, usually the mom or a small kid. Use the fuchsia, mustard, royal blue or whatever color you choose, as an accent color. Maybe mom's scarf has hints of fuchsia. Or baby girl's tights are a mustard color. Color accents are easily done with moms and girls, guys need a little convincing when adding color.

Take a look at how this beautiful family added accent colors and how they played the color game from one stand out outfit:

 photo familyphoto_zpsb6e16ba7.png

Bold colors not your thing? You can make neutral colors work as well.

 photo familyphoto1_zpsed9e0e41.png

This color scheme has some pop to it, look at baby girl's tights, leopard print! Mom's scarf choices are made of a great print as well.

I gathered ideas from Pinterest, many photographers put together "what to wear" boards that are very helpful and help you think outside the box.

Be sure to use items you already own, no need going out to buy things you've seen on a Pinterest board! This way, not only are you saving money on the photographer session but on clothing expenses as well.


Ok, alright, go ahead, relax.

It's only a picture, right? Yes, it's only a picture. Relax, you want your true personality to shine through. Up-tightness can show through a picture!

My A type personality causes me to be a drill sergeant around picture taking time. So, here are some of my do's and don'ts on picture taking day:

Do make sure that outfit color schemes are somewhat coordinated.

Don't annoy everyone with tips on how to smile or how to fold their hands. 

Do make sure that everyone is ready on time. 

Don't get so annoyed with everybody not following your rules that you are now uptight. 

Do what you can to get everybody in a good mood, even yourself!

It's only a picture!

Does your family take annual photos? Ever had any that would be akwardfamilyphotos.com worthy?

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