Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Post: The Art of Entertaining a Toddler: Doctor's Appointment/Tag Team Edition

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Over the past 18 months I have learned a thing or two about taking my daughter to doctor's appointments. She does really well at hers, but she acts like crazy person at mine. Why is that? Hmmm..... It may be because she doesn't like to see anyone "working" on me. She even cried when I got my eyebrows waxed a week ago. How funny is that? I would've videotaped it, but I didn't have a free hand. It was hilarious. 

Don't get me started about my teeth cleaning appointment about six months ago. She was a lot smaller then, and not as strong so I could hold her in my lap and hold her hands while the dentist cleaned my teeth. She cried and cried, but I had to get this done. My husband and I live 4-5 hours away from our parents and we don't have babysitters, so I have to take her with me to every appointment since my husband works long hours. And hey, she's my responsibility anyways.

Well, fast forward to present day when I had to go to a doctor's appointment today. Thank God my doctor had a play area in the waiting room. She was greatly entertained by this. I would also like to thank God that my husband was able to come with me, because he helped in keeping her occupied as well. The waiting room was a breeze, but when the nurse called my name, my child actually let a scream loose when I picked her up. What?! (Confession: I used to always look at people with screaming children like they were crazy until I had one little feisty one myself. Now I know that you have to do what you have to do. Life has to go on, screaming children or not). 

My husband was a tremendous help. He let Bri run around him countless times, he held her arms while she dangled inches from the floor, he blew raspberries on her cheeks, etc. I sat her on my lap and dropped her upside down (she loves doing this). I repeated this over and over until she got tired of it. When we got into the room, we let her walk around and touch cabinets (as long as she wasn't being too rough... Don't want to get kicked out, LOL!) and slide down walls onto the floor (Man do kids have a lot of energy!). I thought about bringing toys but she wouldn't have played with them. She would have been too intrigued by her new surroundings to fumble with familiar toys. 

Now for the big test! The doctor came in to examine me and my daughter did GREAT. I was so happy and relieved. If my husband had not come to tag team with me, she would have been crying when the doctor came in. Whew! Yay! Hooray! (Hey, don't judge me for being excited about a well-behaved toddler, LOL!). We made it and I can boldly say that we have a wonderful visit. I have another appointment next week and I will start preparing right now for it, ha ha.


 photo bizzymommie_zpsbfb8785d.pngThanks to Tiffany for allowing me to guest post on her amazing blog today. Her content is entertaining and well organized, and it's an honor to post for her. I have a blog as well, Bizzy Mommie. I write about everyday issues that I face as a busy mother. I would love to have you come and check me out as well. I'm always looking for other mothers to share their stories and advice. I look forward to seeing you there. Have a blessed week! P.S. Roll Tide and Go Steelers!

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