Thursday, December 5, 2013

Speaking of dysfunction...My top 7 Christmas movie picks

Got the blankets.

Got the hot chocolate.

Time to get our Christmas movie viewing on.

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My picks may be a bit out of the norm, you won't find any Miracle on 34th Street here, I like that movie but it didn't make my list. I also went with my top 7 picks, I know, 7, not 5, not 10 but 7.

Go get your popcorn, relax, get ready for some holiday movie cheer clips!

In no particular order, first up is Scrooged with Bill Murray.

This movie is hilarious but has meaning behind it. It's a remake of the Dickens classic, with a twist. The movie showcases how a meanie turns good, with a little knocking upside the head. Family dysfunction is lurking here...

Speaking of dysfunction...

It's Christmas time with the Griswolds!

Gotta love Aunt Bethany! Her reciting the Pledge of Allegiance instead of saying grace is hilarious!

WARNING: I will be using the word HILARIOUS throughout this post.

So many funny hilarious scenes throughout this movie. The Griswolds show us the effects of having family around for the holidays. They show us that we all have a crazy Cousin Eddie that embarrasses the heck out of us, but in the end, means well.

Ok, my next pick is probably over-played but Christmas doesn't seem like Christmas without watching it.

Does "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" ring a bell? Yep, you guessed it, my next pick is...

A Christmas Story

The clip I've chosen for you is of the gift that keeps on giving, giving light that is, it's the leg lamp!

Ralphie and his folks show us, again, that all families have a tinge of dysfunction. I can relate to the cussing dad!

Again, the family has dysfunction but they mean well. Ralphie standing up for himself to the dad getting him the Red Ryder BB gun, they show us that family sticks together after all is said and done.

This next clip helps keep the true meaning of Christmas before our eyes.

Starting at scene 2:45, Linus breaks it down for us, explaining the arrival of our Saviour. Watching this clip takes me back to my childhood. Amazing, how I watched this as a kid and how my kids watch it. I never grow tired of watching it each year. This movie has a way of making things right in the world. You start to think about how screwed up our world is BUT then you think about what our Saviour did for us. A great movie to usher in Christmas.

But where is the dysfunction?

Did you see that tree? That was dysfunction enough! The group needed to hear the meaning of Christmas because there was dysfunction amongst the group of friends.

Alright, keeping with the cartoon theme, couldn't leave this one out:

Not the full action movie but the original 1966 cartoon. Sometimes originals should be left alone. So, you know the story, mean Mr. Grinch has this teeny tiny lil heart. Goes into Whoville, steals everything, gets bitten by the love bug in the form of Cindy Lou, turns over a new leaf. Something about the nostalgia this one brings up. Again, knowing that I watched this as a kid and hearing my daughter squeal as I play the clip.

WARNING: No laughter allowed at my next pick.

This is not well known, or should I say not known at all. Wasn't even sure I would find the clip on Youtube.

So, here's the story on how this one made my list. Just so happens one day, MonkeyMan and I were home, flipping channels, having a quiet moment where we had control over the TV. This movie caught our eye. The kid is the kid from the Disney channel, well, they're twins. His parents have started to argue a lot and looks like they are headed for divorce. The kid just so happens sees his mom kissing Santa (it's actually his dad), this starts his plot to get them to stop arguing.

Ok, so I'll admit it, this movie is not all that great but it makes me remember that Saturday afternoon with my husband. To me, this represents the season, being together with those you love.

So, I know I said that my picks aren't in any particular type of order but...

Gotta admit, this one has become one of my favs.

Will Ferrell is hilarious, sometimes so annoying that it's just hilarious!

This one has become a classic that just gets us laughing. Buddy the Elf kinda grows on you, in the same way he had to grow on his own dad. The theme again is that even with dysfunction, family still loves. Buddy is different, his family couldn't accept him in the beginning but grew to understand him.

The holiday season has a way of bringing out the dysfunction in every family, my movie picks tells us that.

My family is no different, however, I know they mean well.

How will you deal with the family dysfunction this year?

If answering that question increases the headache pain, tell me your favorite Christmas movie!

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